Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the photographs and virtual tour?

We will generally have the photos and virtual tour the next day. Occasionally we can provide same-day service, but do to the amount of post-processing and optimizing we do on the images, this is not always possible.


Do i need to meet you at the Listing?

We only require that an adult be present to allow us into the home. We do recommend that the agent come to the shoot if there are ideas for specific shots.


How long does a shoot take?

We generally take 45 minutes to 60 minutes to shoot an average sized home. Condos will usually take about 30 minutes, and larger homes are generally 60 to 90 minutes.


It is a cloudy day. should we reschedule the shoot?

Actually, partly cloudy and overcast days provide some of the best conditions for photography. The soft, even lighting from overcast days is actually preferred by most professional photographers to direct sunlight. However, if this is a view home, the view could be obscured by the clouds, so it may be wise to reschedule in certain circumstances.


Can you photoshop out those ugly power lines?

While we do work with Photoshop to enhance the colors and overall balance of the photos, we will not remove certain permananent elements from the photos. We prefer to shoot around power lines rather or other obstacles, as we believe this is the more ethical approach.


Do you print flyers for my listing?

We do not currently print flyers. The tours do contain a high-resolution, print quality PDF flyer that you can use to print flyers on your personal printer or with a professional printing company. If you print the flyer yourself